Radactiv 200 mg

What if you miss the dosage?
If you have missed the dose take it immediately when you remember. Do not overdose yourself.

Drug interaction with other 
More than 500 drugs interact with RadActiv, these are Abilify, Amlodipine, Amitryptiline etc.

When not to take the drug
Do not take it if you are allergic to any one of the constituents of the drug
Do not take it if you are on drugs for heart ailments
Do not take it if you have history of developing rashes with use of Modafinil

Side effects of intake
Headache and Nausea are the side effects associated with use of Modafinil

Over dose effects
If overdose happens seek immediate emergency help. Do not take the matter casually,

General info and precautions
Inform your doctor if you are pregnant. Do not take it over the counter or self-diagnose yourself. The medicine should only be taken under a written prescription and hence onsult your doctor for the course of the drug.

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Radactiv 200 mg

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