Acamprol - 333 mg (Campral)
US Brand Name Campral
Strength 333mg
Generic Name Acamprosate
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

Acamprol-333 Mg


This drug constitutes a generic name Acamprosate, which is used to combat alcohol dependence in a person who has recently quit the alcohol habits. It helps the patients to retrieve their health without cravings for alcohols. This medication alters the chemical activity inside the brain of an alcohol addicted person which may have become unbalanced due to their addiction problem. It starts working by fixing this chemical imbalance. Acamprosate is used along with behavior changes and it helps the patient to recover his/her health with aid of proper counseling support to quit their drinking habit.  


Acamprosate is sold under various trade names around the world, some of them are Campral, Acamprol (made by Sun Pharma).This medication will not show the effect on the person who are still involved in drinking habits, have undergone detoxification, or are addicted to other substances (drugs) irrespective of alcohol.


Important information about Acamprosate


You should not take Campral, Acamprol, if you are strictly allergic to any of its content i.e. Acamprosate, or if you have kidney problems. This medicine will not be effective in stopping alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Inform your doctor well in advance, if you have any other kind of kidney problems. You may require dose adjustment and special medical tests in order to ensure this drug work safely. The consumption of Acamprosate brings mood changes and it develops suicidal thoughts in your mind. Let your doctor know if you feel any kind of depression and unpleasant thoughts. Your family members and care takers must aware of your mood changes and abnormal behavioral activities and they must also know how to contact your doctor in such situations.


It belongs to the class of FDA pregnancy category C drug. It may be harmful to your unborn baby while taking during the pregnancy stage. This medication can pass into the breast milk and can cause harmful effects. You must consult your doctor before using the tablets in case of pregnancy and breast feeding.


Before taking Acamprosate


Before taking Acamprosate, take care of all the above mentioned precautions. Discuss all the conditions with your doctor and clear all the doubts pertaining to this drug.


Dosage Information- You should take the dosage of Acamprosate medication


(Campral, Acamprol) exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all the direction listed on the leaflet of your medicine. Start taking this medicine as soon as possible after you have stopped taking alcohol. Take this medicine with a glass of water. It may be taken with or without having meal. However, if you regularly take 3 meals a day, then it would become easy to remember to take this medicine if you follow a schedule of having it after the meal. It will not treat your alcohol craving addiction singlehandedly. It may also require professional counseling to support this treatment. Notify your doctor if you have ever taken alcohol during this medicinal treatment. Store all the medicine in a cool and dry place, far away from the reach of children.


Note: Acamprosate dosage may depend on certain factors including age, sex, drug allergies, or seriousness of the condition among several other factors. Your dosage may determined by your physician after examining you properly. 


What if I miss a dose?


For effective results, you should take all medicines on the same time as prescribed. Missing even a single dose of Acamprosate can be harmful to your health. However, if you miss a dose of Acamprosate, then take it instantly, but avoid the use when next scheduled dose is near.        


What if I overdose?


In case of an overdose of Acamprosate, seek emergency medication because it can cause severe side effects.


Things and activities to avoid


Acamprosate persuade the impact on your reflexes and mental awareness. You should avoid the activities which require high degree of mental awareness and reflexes such as driving. Also, avoid the habit of getting up suddenly from sitting or lying posture.  Taking alcoholic drinking is strictly prohibited.  


Side Effects


Seek medical care immediately if you encountered any allergic reactions to Acamprosate (Campral, Acamprol) such as skin hives, breathing difficulty, swelling in face, lips, tongue, or throat, and some less serious side like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, appetite loss, diarrhea, headache, vision problems, weakness, back pain, changes in taste, or insomnia. Some serious side effects caused by this medication are changes in mood or behavior, self hurting and suicidal thoughts, severe depression or anxiety, or confusion. Get medical attention or contact your doctor in case you experience any of these side effects. These are not all the side effects mentioned above. There may be others as well.


Interaction with other medicines


There may be some other medicines which can interact with Acamprosate medication (Campral, Acamprol), let your doctor know if you consume any kind of products like (prescription, OTC, herbal products) presently to avoid serious conditions. Always consult your doctor about starting a new medication.


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Acamprol - 333 mg (Campral)

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