Terms and Conditions

We,atfordailydrug.com, value our customers and their privacy is ourtopmostpriority. In order to protect your privacy, we make sure that alltheinformation you provide us with while logging in to the online pharmacy, www.fordailydrug.com is encrypted. Thisinformation is usedsolely for the purpose of helping you make informeddecisions and to make yourshopping experience with our online pharmacysmoother and better.


PersonallyIdentifiable Information We Collect From You

·         RegistrationInformation

When you registertobe a user of any of the services provided by our online pharmacy,ForDailyDrug,you provide us with information about yourself, your company andyour practices.

·         EmailInformation

We may retainthecontent of your emails, your email ID and your responses if, in any case,youchose to communicate with us via email.


How The PersonallyIdentifiable Information We Collect From YouIs Used

Thepersonallyidentifiable information we collect in the ways mentioned above isgenerallyused for improvising, managing and expanding our business activitiesas far aswe are concerned. As for our customers, this information is used toprovidethem with better customer service and providing you with informationabout newproducts and services that you may find useful.


The Choice To OptOut Of Sharing Information With Our OnlinePharmacy

We provideourcustomers with the choice to opt-out of having the personallyidentifiableinformation they provide us with used for any purposes that are notdirectlylinked to our online pharmacy, fordailydrug, at every step we askforinformation from them.

Only ifyouexplicitly opt-in, will we consider you to be in the ‘’opt-in’’ category.Untila customer opts-in, he/she is considered to be in the “opt-out’’ category.Wealways make sure our customers are notified whenever theirpersonallyidentifiable information is being collected by any third party.

The purposeofnotifying our customers is to make sure our customers are given therequiredinformation to make an informed choice as to whether or not they wishtoproceed with any services that require their personallyidentifiableinformation to be shared with a third party.

We send ourcustomerspromotional/marketing emails and/or surface mail marketing letters tomake surethey are aware of all the services and products that our onlinepharmacy offersthat they might find useful. However, they can, at any givenpoint of time choseto opt-out of receiving any such emails from our end.


What Are Cookies?

A cookie is atinytext document that contains an anonymous unique identifier. Every time youusea website, that website asks permission from your system to store this textfilein a section of your hard drive specifically designated for such files,orcookies. If your browser’s preferences allow it, each and every websiteyouvisit can store its cookie on your hard drive. However, in order to protecttheuser’s privacy, most browsers permit websites only to access the cookiesthatthey have already sent to you, and not the cookies sent to you byotherwebsites.


How the InformationWe Collect From Cookies Is Used

We use thecookiesour website has sent your system to differentiate you from othercustomers. Insome cases, these cookies are also used to prevent our customersfrom seeingirrelevant advertisements. Cookies also help us to make sure thecustomers arenot required to log in more frequently than is absolutelynecessary forsecurity.

Cookies,inconjunction with our server’s log files, allow us to calculate theaggregatenumber of people visiting our online pharmacy. They also give usinformationabout which parts of the website are most popular and this, in turn,helps usto figure out ways and ideas to serve our customers better and providethemwith a smoother experience.

Hypertext Links OnOur Website

You may findcertainhypertext links to other websites on fordailydrug.com. However, these are provided solelyas pointersto information that may be useful for the customers of our onlinemedicalstore. We are neither responsible for the practices employed by thewebsiteslinked to or from our online drug store, fordailydrug.com, nor forthe information or content containedtherein.

You should keepinmind once you arrive at another website following a hyperlink that isprovidedby fordailydrug.com, our Privacy Policy is no longer ineffect.Following that, your privacy will be governed by the Privacy Policy ofthat particularwebsite.

You’re Consent

When you useouronline pharmacy, fordailydrug and any services provided therein, you consenttocollection and use of your personally identifiable information by usasdictated in this Privacy Policy.

In case we changeourpolicies or procedures, we will make sure our customers are notified andwewill post any such changes on the website-fordailydrug.com to make sure our customers arenot kept inthe dark.

Any customer ofouronline medical store, fordailydrug.com may, at any time request to view anysuchchanges or updates via surface mail or e-mail.


Notification ofChanges

We mayperiodicallyreview and modify our Privacy Policy. In such an event, theamendments will beposted on this Privacy Statement and other places we seemnecessary so ourcustomers are aware of the information we collect from them,how we use it, andunder what circumstances, if any, will it be disclosed to anythird party.

We may even postanotice and notify the customers who have opted-in to receive informationfromour end via email.