Winolap Nasal Spray - 120 MDI (12 ml) (Patanase)
US Brand Name Patanase
Strength 120 MDI (12ml)
Generic Name Olopatadine Hcl
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Pharmaceutical Form Nasal Spray

Winolap Nasal Spray - 120 MDI (12ml)


Winolap Nasal Spray is an antihistamine or an anti allergic medicine used to curb down the affects of histamine in human body. Winolap Nasal Spray works on the symptoms of histamine such as itching, sneezing and watery eyes to provide with some relief. This nasal spray is sold under the trade name of Patanese Winolap Nasal Spray and is a product of Sun Pharma. For anyone with seasonal allergies, this product is recommended by health care practitioners.



How it works?


Acting as an anti allergic nasal spray, this medicine works on mild, major and severe symptoms of histamine providing one with relief from congestion in nose, constant sneezing and running nose. This medicine targets the histamine chemicals that produce those allergic symptoms. By blocking the H1 receptors, this nasal spray prevents activation time of the mast cells preventing the occurrence of allergy.



Important information about Medicine (Olopatadine Hcl)


Known as Olapatadine, this nasal spray helps relieve symptoms of histamine. This nasal spray can be used by anyone who is above the age of 6 years, but if one is allergic to any drug or has a deviated septum the doctor needs to be consulted.



Dosage information


There is no prescribed dosage of this nasal spray as doctor would decide on this looking into the condition of the patient and considering factors such as age and health condition. The recommended dosage is of two sprays a day per nostril and this can be increased if the patient feels too uncomfortable dealing with those allergic symptoms such as itchy nose and sneezing.



Strengths available


This nasal spray is available in only one strength of 12 ml.



What if you miss a dose?


It is recommended to take the medicine on same time daily; this would ensure that you do not miss on the dose. If you miss on the dose, talk to your doctor and set on the time for the next intake.



What if you overdose?


Make sure that you use this nasal spray the number of times your doctor recommended and in case you overdose get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. Overdose of the Winolap Nasal Spray can lead to drowsiness and restlessness.



Things to be taken care of


Winolap Nasal Spray should not be taken by anyone who is allergic to Olapatadine, having kidney related problems or is lactating or pregnant or planning to conceive. 


Side Effects


Like other drugs, this nasal spray too has some side effects attached and these include:


      Blurred vision



      Nose bleeding



If any of these bother, one needs to get in touch with ones doctor without any further delay.

Interaction with other drugs


There are no possible drug interactions with these nasal drops still one needs to inform the doctor about any medicines that are being taken. 

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Winolap Nasal Spray - 120 MDI (12 ml) (Patanase)

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