Temoside 100 mg (Temozolomide)
US Brand Name Temozolomide
Strength 100mg
Generic Name Temozolomide
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pharmaceutical Form Capusles



TEMOSIDE is an anti-cancer drug that is used to treat different kinds of brain cancers such as refractory anaplastic astrocytoma.


How it works?


TEMOSIDE works by stopping the cancer cells from spreading and multiplying. It binds to the DNA and thus damaged it to ensure that the cancer cells are not able to grow anymore.


Important information about Medicine


Temozolomide belongs to a class of drugs known as imidazotetrazine derivatives. This medicine is used in conjunction with other drugs before and after radiotherapy to treat glioblastoma multiform.


Dosage information


The doctors doing chemotherapy would decide on the dosage looking at the condition of the patient and response to this treatment.


Strengths available


TEMOSIDE is available in the strength of 100mg.


What if you miss a dose?


Make sure that you take each dose on time, in case, you miss on the dose get in touch with your health care practitioner to seek advice.


What if you overdose?



Altering the dosage could prove fatal, so, make sure that you always take the dosage instructed by the doctor. In case, you take multiple doses by mistake call up your nearby poison center for help or rush to the local medical center for immediate assistance.


Things to be taken care of


Intake of this medicine might have an adverse affects on the healthy blood and hair cells too, thus ensure that you go in for regular blood tests while on TEMOSIDE. This medicine is not advisable for pregnant and breast feeding females as the constituents might cause harm to the baby. In case, you are trying to conceive, discuss this with your doctor before you start taking TEMOSIDE. Patients with a past history of kidney or liver diseases need to make doctor aware of the complete medical history before taking this anti-cancer drug.


Side Effects


There are some minor, moderate and severe side effects attached to the intake of TEMOSIDE, these are:

§  Loss Of Appetite

§  Tiredness

§  Constipation

§  Decrease In The Number Of Healthy White Blood Cells

§  Increased Blood Sugar Levels

§  Anxiety Or Depression

§  Difficulty Sleeping

§  Disturbances Of The Gut Such As Diarrhea Or Abdominal Pain

§  Skin Reactions Such As Redness And Itching

§  Cough And Shortness Of Breath

§  Fluid Retention Causing Swelling Of The Legs Or Ankles

§  Increased Need To Pass Urine

§  Pain In The Muscles Or Joints


Report these symptoms to the doctor looking at the severity and do not take any of these lightly.


Interaction with other drugs

TEMOSIDE might show interactions with drugs that contain ibuprofen, Valproic acid, Tochopherol, Warfarin and dexamethasone. If you are taking any herbal supplement or tonic or antacid, avoid taking it with this medicine as the constituents might interact and bring down efficiency of this anti-cancer drug. 


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Temoside 100 mg (Temozolomide)

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