Semi Daonil - 2.5 mg (DiaBeta)
US Brand Name DiaBeta
Strength 2.5mg
Generic Name Glibenclamide
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

How it works


Glibenclamide is the main active ingredient of the tablet Semi daonil 2.5mg. basically, this is used to prevent and cure diabetes. It controls the sugar level and thus provides treatment to the disease. It stimulates the cells in the body which are the agents to produce insulin. This treatment is very long term so you should keep all appointments and prescriptions with you.



Important information about Glibenclamide 


You should read all the instructions given on the leaflet before starting this medicine. If you have recently taken any medicine or you are taking continuously inform your doctor about it. It is lactose related, if your doctor has advised you to avoid sugar you should not take this medicine. For the divers, this medicine is not at all advisable. It should always be stored in the original package.



Dosage information


Its usual dosage is 2.5 to 5 mg daily, which must be taken just after your first meal. Its daily dose should not be exceeded to 15 mg. Basically, the dosage depends upon your medical conditions, age and weight. Its dosage is governed by the blood glucose level. Treatment should be started with very little dose. Keep this thing into mind that meals should never be missed after taking this medicine. The dosage keeps on changing depending on the blood sugar levels and urine levels.



Strengths available


It is available in 2.5 mg strength.



What if you miss a dose?


If you forget taking the dose you should take it as and when you realize about it. But you should not take two dosages of it together.



What if you overdose?


If you doubt that you have taken an excess amount of medicine you are advised to contact the nearest hospital as it can create panic.



Things to be taken care of


It is not recommended for children. Get you urine and blood sugar tested daily while you are taking this medicine.  If you are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, this medicine is never recommended. Don’t drink alcohol while taking it. If you feel thirsty or urinate very often, tell your doctor about it.

Keep it at dry and cool place. It should also be kept away from direct sunlight and heat and out of children’s reach.



Side Effects


It may cause several side effects like:

§  Constipation

§  Diarrhoea

§  Low blood sugar

§  Dizziness

§  Weight gain   



Interaction with other drugs


A few of the medicine if taken along with it can interact and results into haring the body one way or another. Below is the lost of many of them:

§  Pain killers (asprin, azapropazone )

§  Depression removers (rifamycins, sulphonamides )

§  Cancer treatment medicines (crisantaspase)

§  Clofibrate

§  Bosentan

§  Isoniazid

§  enalapril and beta-blockers

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Semi Daonil - 2.5 mg (DiaBeta)

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