Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w)

Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole) Is Used For The Treatment Of:

It is used in the treatment of:

  • Tinea Versicolor

  • Fungal infections of nappy rash

  • Fungal infections of vulva

  • Fungal Infections of Vagina, Penis, Groin, and Toes

  • Allergic Rhinitis

How Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole) Works:

Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) contains Clotrimazole an antifungal agent which is used topically to stop the growth of fungus by preventing them from making their protective covering.

Before You Use Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

You should be sure that:

  • You are not allergic to it

  • It is not affecting the mother and child during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • It is not interacting with the other medicines you are taking with it

When Not To Use Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

You should avoid using the Dusting Powder if you:

  • Are Allergic to it

  • Are having periods (for Vaginal Infections)

  • Have any itching caused by any other infection

  • Are taking any medicines or supplements which increases the chances of Allergy

  • Are pregnant/conceiving/Breastfeeding and it is affecting your condition

  • Never get infected by the yeast (fungal) infection

  • If your skin is accidentally injured or has cuts, wounds, and scrapes.

Tell Your Doctor If You:

  • Are allergic to Clotrimazole

  • Have any of the symptoms like Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding, a Blood-Stained Discharge, Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge, Vaginal Ulcers, Fever or Chills, Nausea/Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc.

  • If symptoms do not disappear even after 2 to 4 weeks of applying Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w)

  • Have had two or more infections of Fungal Vaginitis during the last six months

  • Have history of sexually transmitted disease (STD) or exposed to a partner having STD

  • Are Pregnant/ conceiving/breastfeeding as it can harm the unborn or newly born child

  • Have skin bruises, injuries, cuts, chopped and dry Skin, and have open wounds

  • Are taking any type of medicines for any other Disease or Disorder


Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) may be available in various strengths at every leading online pharmacy stores, drugstore, and medical supply store. It should be used as prescribed by your doctor.

You should apply only the prescribed amount of Dusting Powder only as the excessive application will not increase the healing process but the piling up of the Dusting Powder. Do not apply this Dusting Powder if you have already applied another Dusting Powder or ointment on affected area.

You should avoid it during pregnancy/Breastfeeding. Its use should be avoided in children below 16 years of age.

How Much Of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole) Should Be Applied:

Take required amount of Dusting Powder in your hand and apply a thin layer of the Dusting Powder to the affected area once/twice a day or as recommended by your doctor.

How To Apply Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

Here are the necessary steps to apply the Dusting Powder:

  • You should wash and dry your hands and clean the affected area properly prior to the Dusting Powder application

  • Take Dusting Powder in your hand and apply it by rubbing gently over the affected area (avoid applying near eyes, nose, mouth, and inner ear).

  • Clean your hands thoroughly after using this Dusting Powder unless your hands are the affected area.

For How Long Should You Continue Applying Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

Its effects usually become noticeable (about after 3-4 days) after its use. Do not use this Dusting Powder for very long time.

Overdose Of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

Excessive application of the Dusting Powder results only in piling of Dusting Powder. It generally shows its effect with time only and applying too much of it will not accelerate the healing process. It may sometime show the adverse effects on the excessive application. Contact your physician immediately if you observe any symptom of overdose.

Missed Dose Of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

A missed dosage of the Dusting Powder should be applied as soon as you remember it. However, if it is almost time for the next dosage, skip the missed dosage, do not double it and go back to your regular routine. Do not apply the Dusting Powder multiple times at the same time.

Side Effects Of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

The side effects of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) include:

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Vaginal bleeding

  • Skin rash

  • Redness of skin

  • Vaginal infection

Drugs Interact With Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

Using other drugs, herbal supplements, over the counter drugs, or any substances may alter the medicinal effects of Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w).  It may cause either an allergic reaction or a serious undesirable effect and may nullify the effect of your Dusting Powder. Cosmetics and other topical products also can interact with this Dusting Powder.


Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) should not be used in:

  • Hypersensitive conditions

  • Drug Resistance

  • Infections

  • Immune Disorders

Warning And Precautions:

  • If skin irritation or allergy persists after using Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) then stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

  • You should not use vaginal douches, tampons or other vaginal products while using Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) for vaginal infections. You should strictly avoid vaginal intercourse during treatment of vaginal infections.

  • Avoid direct contact of the affected area with your eyes, nose, mouth or other sensitive areas. If mistakenly it happens then wash your eyes, mouth thoroughly with water or contact your doctor immediately.

  • Always keep the Dusting Powder in proper conditions and out of the sight & reach of children.

Things To Remember:

  • Read the insert of the packet thoroughly.

  • Always tell your doctor about your medical history and follow the instructions as prescribed by the doctor.

How To Store Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w) (Clotrimazole):

Keep the medicine in a dry, dark and clean place. Avoid refrigeration.

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Zocon Dusting Powder (1% w/w)

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