Voveran Gel - 1% (21 gm) (Voltaren Gel)
US Brand Name Voltaren Gel
Strength 1% (21gm)
Generic Name Diclofenac Gel BP
Manufacturer Novartis, India
Pharmaceutical Form Tube/s


VOVAREN GEL is a pain reliever formulation that is prescribed in the condition of severe joint pain. This medicine is usually given to patients suffering from acute joint pain in elbows, arms or legs.

How it works?

VOVAREN GEL immediately acts on the area where pain occurs by cutting down on the production of pain-causing hormones in the body. With regular application the number of inflammation and pain-triggering hormones comes down providing the patient with some relief.

Important information about Medicine

Diclofenac Gel is an anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drug administered in the condition of pain and swelling. It needs to be rubbed gently on the affected area and within some time the patient would sense relief from acute pain.

Dosage information

Usually the VOVAREN GEL needs to be applied twice or thrice daily on the affected area but the doctor would decide on the dosage considering the severity of pain, swelling and overall condition of the patient.

Strengths available

VOVAREN GEL is present in single strength of 21gm

What if you miss a dose?

It is always nice to follow doctor’s instructions and apply the gel at same time daily. In case you forget to apply the gel use it immediately.

What if you overdose?

Multiple doses are not going to bring in any much relief, ensure that you do not alter the dosage as it might cause harm to the skin of the affected area and even lead to dizziness and rashes.

Things to be taken care of

VOVAREN GEL is a pregnancy category D drug and thus should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding females. Long term is not advisable unless instructed by the doctor. Patients with heart, kidney and liver related disorders should notify the doctor before using this medicine. VOVAREN GEL is a prescription only drug and should not be used without consulting the doctor. Complete hygiene needs to be maintained while administering the medicine; the affected area should be cleaned before the gel is applied.

Side Effects

Although no major side effects have been reported so far, the minor to moderate ones that could bother some and not all the patients include:

• Constipation
• Tiredness
• Concentration problems
• Shortness of breath
• High blood pressure
• Clay stools
• Less urination
• Dizziness
• Diarrhea
• Heartburn

Do not take any of these symptoms lightly and get complete medical assistance.

Interaction with other drugs

Do not use any topical creams and ointments on the area where VOVAREN GEL has been applied. Avoid using cosmetics, insect repellants and other cream or gel as this might interfere with the drug. In case you are taking any medicine or any herbal supplement or even a multivitamin inform your doctor about the same.

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Voveran Gel - 1% (21 gm) (Voltaren Gel)

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