Vomistop - 10 mg (Motilium)

Vomistop - 10mg


It is most often known with its generic name Domperidone,which is a dopamine agonist medicine belongs to a class of drugs calledanti-emetics. It raises the amount of contractions of the stomach and bowel.This medicine helps in quick movement of food through the food pipe(esophagus), stomach and gut.  It also stops the back movement of food upthrough esophagus. In general term, Domperidone assists the digestive system inmoving the food through it properly in a right way.  This medicine ishelpful in relieving the indigestion problems that lead to nausea, vomiting,belching, fullness, bloated stomach, trapped wind and heartburn that happenedafter meal. Domperidone is also prescribed to treat nausea and vomiting causeddue to the effect of other medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease.


It is sold under varioustrade names including Motilium and Prodom (made by Wallace).



Important information about Domperidone


Domperidone (Motilium, Prodom) is a prescription only medicine(given only by doctor or under the medical supervision). You should not take Domperidoneif you are allergic to it or any other dopamine agonists. Certain medicalhistory problems may prevent you to take Domperidone. Consult your doctorbeforehand if you have following conditions: prolactinoma (pituitary glandtumor), stomach or duodenal cancer, regular severe stomach cramps; a blockage,tear or perforate ulcer in your intestines; black, tarry bowel stools, orbloody stools signaling stomach or intestinal bleeding; severe liver or kidneydisease. 


Do not consider thismedicine in use without your doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or plan tobecome pregnant in the near future. Women before taking the medicine shouldknow the fact that it can pass to breast milk and develop harming effects toyour baby.



Before taking Domperidone 


Take care of all theinformation & precautions as given above before taking Pantoprazole. If youhave any doubts in your mind regarding the medicine clear all immediately.Remember to share all your medical history with your doctor, especially if youhave certain conditions: history of liver or kidney diseases; intolerance tocertain sugars; or if you are taking certain drugs like oral ketoconazole (antifungal), erthtomycin (antibiotic), ritonavir(HIV-AIDS drug), or cimetidine. Letyour doctor know in advance if you are scheduled for a surgery that you areusing Domperidone.  



Dosage information


Take Domperidone (Motilium, Prodom) anti emetic medicine exactlyas your doctor prescribed. Do not alter or miss your dose without your Doctor'sconsultation and do not use it if the prescription period is over. Readcarefully the medicine label for detailed information.  Take the medicinevia oral route with a glass of water. Make it a habit to take the medicine atthe same time everyday.  You may see the positive effects within one hourof taking this medicine.



Note: Strictly follow the dosage instructions as prescribed byyour Doctor as Domperidone dosage depends upon many factors such as age, sex,allergies or seriousness of the condition.



What if you miss a dose


In case you miss any dose take it as soon as you remember. donot take the missed dose if the next dose time is close to you. Do not overlapit.



What if you overdose


If you overdosed Domperidone, get medical help immediately.



Things and activities to avoid- Domperidone anti-emeticmedication may lead to dizziness in your body. So, avoid the activities whichrequire high

mental awareness.



Side Effects


Some common and less serious side effects caused by thismedicine are unusual enlargement of breast in men and women, production ofbreast milk in men and women, lowered libido in men, irregular or ceasedmenstrual periods, vision problems, tumor formation, or imbalance. Seek medicalcare in these conditions. If you witness any of the serious side effects orallergic reactions then stop taking it and let your doctor know immediatelyabout: swelling in limbs, face, lips or throat, breathing difficult, hives,nettle rash (uriticaria), heart rhythm disorders, irregular eye movements, unusualtongue movements, abnormal posture like twisted neck, trembling and musclestiffness.  The side effects mentioned above are not only the ones, theremay be some others.



Interaction with other drugs


Certain medications can interact with it and stop its normalfunctionality. The following medicines: anti fungal like oral ketoconazole, anantibiotic like erythromycin, telaprevir, an anti HIV/AIDS medication likeritonavir, cimetidine, cabergoline, or bromocriptine may interact withDomperidone. Never start any new medication without your Doctor's consultationif you are already on dose of Pantoprazole.


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   US Brand Name   Motilium
   Strength   10mg
   Generic Name   Domperidone
   Manufacturer   Cipla
   Pharmaceutical Form   Tablet/s

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Vomistop - 10 mg (Motilium)

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