Volini Gel - 30 gm (Voltaren)
US Brand Name Voltaren
Strength 30 gm
Generic Name Diclofenac Gel BP
Manufacturer Ranbaxy
Pharmaceutical Form Tube/s


VOLINI GEL is an anti-inflammatory medicine that lowers down swelling and pain in joints, usually caused due to osteoarthritis.

How it works?

Active ingredients present in VOLINI GEL work by reducing the synthesis of prostaglandin precursors, thus cutting down on the inflammation of hands, feet or other joints in the body.

Important information about Medicine

Diclofenac gel is usually prescribed in the treatment of joint pains or swelling in feet, hands, ankles, elbows and wrists. It is a nonsteroidal drug that lowers down both pain and swelling of the affected area.

Dosage information

The doctor would decide on the dosage of VOLINI GEL looking at the amount of pain and swelling. Other factors that would be considered by the doctor include age of the patient, overall health and seriousness of the condition.

Strengths available

VOLINI GEL is available in the strength of 30gm

What if you miss a dose?

In case a dose is missed you can take it when you remember. Do not take the missed dose if it’s the time to the next dose.

What if you overdose?
Do not overdose with the intent of getting immediate relief from pain or swelling as this could lead to potential side effects. Always follow the instructions mentioned on the leaflet and maintain complete hygiene when administering the dosage.

Things to be taken care of

VOLINI GEL falls in pregnancy category D medicines and thus should not be taken by the ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding as it might cause harm to the baby. Patients who have been on any pain killer or other medicine for a long time need to notify the doctor about the same before using VOLINI GEL. In case, patient has undergone a surgery lately, using VOLINI GEL is strictly contradicted. Prolonged usage of the gel might cause harm to the skin so make sure that you do not use it for long without consulting the doctor. In case you are allergic to any medicine inform your doctor about this before using VOLINI GEL.

Side Effects

VOLINI GEL like all other medication too tends to leave behind some minor to moderate side effects. Make sure that you get in touch with your doctor in case you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below:

• Bloody or tarry stools
• Stomach pain
• Diarrhea
• Increased blood pressure
• Bloody cough or vomit
• Heartburn
• Drowsiness
• Constipation

Although none of these side effects are serious ones but still seeking medical help becomes important.

Interaction with other drugs

There are several medicines with which VOLINI GEL might interact, these include, blood thinner like warfarin, insulin, blood pressure drugs like benazepril and cholesterol-lowering medicine such as fenofibrate. Make sure that you do not start or stop any medicine all of a sudden while using VOLINI GEL.

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Volini Gel - 30 gm (Voltaren)

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