Seroflo Multi Haler - 50 mcg + 500 mcg (Advair Multi Haler)
US Brand Name Advair Multi Haler
Strength 50mcg+500 mcg
Generic Name Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Doses

SEROFLO MULTI HALER available under generic drug of Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterolreleases anti-inflammation causing chemicals in the body.



How it works?


A constituent in this medicine has functions that relax bronchial muscles thereby enhancing the breathing process. The medicine is found in inhalers used to prevent attack of asthma. The drug is also used to treat a variety of pulmonary conditions.



Important information about Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol


An important fact about Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol is that it cannot prevent an asthma attack that already commenced. In that situation it is not advisable to take this medicine. It is because, under such conditions the drug can cause asthma related deaths. For prescribed dose, it is advisable to consult the physician. Pregnant ladies need to avoid this medicine as it can cause complications leading to baby death. Children below 4 years of age should not be prescribed such medicine as it affects their growth.



Dosage information


The dosage is as directed by the physician. It is present inside an inhaler. Prior to inhaling, the patient needs to shake the inhaler. The shaking should be done for 5 seconds after each spray. It is advisable to wash the mouth after each spray. This is in a bid to reduce the risk of yeast infection in the mouth. After about 120 sprays the user needs to discard the canister. An alternative, steroidal medication needs to be used to prevent side effects in the event of sudden withdrawal of the Propionate and Salmeterol medication.



Strengths available


The strength of this medication is 50MCG+500 MCG



What if you miss a dose?


In case you have missed the dose then do not take the dose if the time to take the next dose is near. Abstain from taking extra medications to make up for the missed dose.



What if you overdose?


An overdose of this medication can prove to be fatal. The overdose is characterized by irregular heartbeats, chest pain, weakness, seizures, nausea, and headache, vomiting.



Things to be taken care of


Do not use other medications of similar types unless prescribed by the doctor. The intake of the medication diminishes the white blood cell count and therefore makes the body’s defence system vulnerable to the attack of foreign bodies. Avoid visiting places where the chances of infection are high.



Side Effects


The common side effects of this medicine are nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness, runny nose, dry mouth, sinus pain, and cough. Other side effects may include feeling of restlessness, chest pain, fever, deteriorating asthma, etc. For all these contact your doctor immediately.



Interaction with other drugs


It is important that you inform your doctor about your current medical condition. Medications like antiretroviral, antidepressants, and beta blockers interact with the Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol. Let your doctor prescribe what is best suited to you.

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Seroflo Multi Haler - 50 mcg + 500 mcg (Advair Multi Haler)

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