Serobid Rotacaps - 50 mcg (Serevent)
US Brand Name Serevent
Strength 50 mcg
Generic Name Salmeterol
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Rotacaps

Serobid Rotacaps - 50 mcg


Most often known by its generic name Salmeterol which is used to prevent Asthma. The drug preparation includes Salmeterol Xinafoate that acts as an active ingredient to provide symptomatic relief and prevents Asthma, Chronic bronchitis and chronic disorders of pulmonary glands. This medication is used for controlling and preventing the symptoms caused by asthma like wheezing and shortness of breath. It is a long acting beta antagonist that deter from asthma attacks and decreases the inflammation in the lungs by releasing the chemicals that opens up the constricted tubes. However, it is not effective when asthma attack has already started.



How it works?


It contains active ingredient Salbutamo which possesses the relaxing effect on constricted bronchioles. It is short acting beta receptor agonists and exerts bronchodilator effects. It stimulates beta-2 receptor and thereby relaxes the smooth muscles of all airways from trachea to the terminal bronchioles. Along with this effect, it also stops the production of inflammatory cell mediators that are responsible for constriction. It enhances the self clearance mechanism of bronchi. The active ingredient present in this drug helps in relaxing the constricted bronchioles and give away smooth breathing. While, the other combination ingredient helps in reducing swelling and irritation of the airways.  



Important information about Serobid Rotacaps


You should avoid this drug if you are allergic to it and any other ingredients. Also, don’t take this medicine if have cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension in pregnancy and Myocardial insufficiency, suffer from paradoxical breathinghave diabetes, have diabetes. Salmeterol is available in Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg strength.



Dosage information- Don’t swallow rotacaps because it is intended to be taken by inhalation only, using your Rota haler. Rinse your mouth after


getting this drug inhaled in order to avoid throat irritation and dry mouth like conditions. Below are the instructions which you need to follow to properly take this medicine-


§  Open the Rota haler capsule by holding it in horizontal position by keeping white spot up and lighter colored end in opposite direction.

§  Then gently breathe out and seal your lips around the mouth piece.

§  Take a full deep breathe in your mouth and hold it for 10 seconds.

§  After that take the normal breathe and throw away the empty capsule shell.


Take Salmeterol as per your doctor’s direction and refer the medicine leaflet to know more details about this drug. Try to take the dose at same time each day as it will reduce the chances of missing a dose. In general, 1 or 2 puffs from your Rotacaps are effective in getting optimum relief from your problem. Do not stop taking this drug suddenly until your doctor advices you to do so.



What if you miss a dose


If you miss a dose, consult your doctor. Do not double up the dose in order to compensate the missed one.



What if you overdose


In case of overdose, get emergency medical help or call your doctor immediately. Overdose of this drug may result into Allergic reaction, Difficulty in breathing, Chest tightness, Swelling.



Side effects


Tell your doctor in case you experience following side effects Palpitation, Restlessness, Ankle, Edema, Urticaria, Hypotension, Mild tremors, Nausea, Nose bleeding, Dizziness, Weakness, Tiredness, Sweating, Fever, pale skin, rashes.



Interaction with other drugs


Many other drugs can interact with this medicine. Inform your doctor about all the medication you use. It may include prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin, and herbal products. Some drugs which may interfere with Salmeterol are Diuretics, Xanthenes, Digitalis, Linezolid, Sympathomimetics drugs, HIV protease inhibitors, Beta blockers like Atenolol, Boceprevir, Macrolides, Nefazodone, Telithromycin, Azole antifungal such as ketoconazole.



Things to be taken care of


Always consult your physician before altering the dosage. Avoid interaction with people who have infections like flu, measles and chicken pox. Don’t load the capsule until you are not prepare to take it. Be cautious while driving, it may cause dizziness and drowsiness. Avoid the consumption of alcohol.


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Serobid Rotacaps - 50 mcg (Serevent)

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