Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 250 mcg (Advair Diskus)
US Brand Name Advair Diskus
Strength 50 mcg / 250 mcg
Generic Name Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
Manufacturer GSK
Pharmaceutical Form Doses



SERETIDE DISKUS is a balanced combination of two important ingredients Salmeterol Xinafoate and fluticasone propionate. This helps in curing and preventing asthma, lung disorder, bronchitis and pulmonary glands disorder. The medicine helps in curing the condition such as short of oxygen intake, wheezing and more. This medicine releases a chemical in the body that helps in releasing the contracted tubes.



How it works?


Salbutamol releases the contracted bronchioles. It actually activates the beta 2 receptors; this makes the airways muscles covering all the areas from trachea to terminal bronchioles relaxed. This also restricts the production of inflammatory cell that are the root cause of the problem. SERETIDE DISKUS helps in clear and comfortable breathing. The best aspect o this drug is that it does not work to suppress the cause of problems but it cures the root cause of the problem to eliminate breathing problem for the lifetime.



Important information about Salmeterol


One should not take the medicine on their own after studying the composition. Instead, they should go the medicine only after consulting with a certified medical practitioner. This medicine is not suggested to the people who are suffering from cardiac problems, who are allergic to the composition of the medicine and women who are pregnant.   



Dosage information


Dose varies from one person to another depending on the severity of the problem. One should not change the dose as per their own thinking. In case, patient face any problem they should consult the same with the doctor, instead, of making alternation in the dose on their own. After the competition of the dose they again need to consult with the doctor before starting with another dose.



Strengths available


The drug is available in various altering strength, start from 100mcg, to 250mcg and 500mcg. If we consider the combination (Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate), then it is available in 50mcg/100mcg, 50mcg/250mcg and 50mcg/500mcg. As it target the root cause of the problem, so doctors may suggest taking mild dose of the medicine for a long period of time.  



What if you miss a dose?


Never skip any dose, in case it happened due to unavoidable situation then skip that dose for the day. Don't simply double the next dose to compensate the skipped one.. This action can lead to overdose and ultimately adverse affect on the body.



What if you overdose?


Like other medicine, overdose of this medicine is also harmful. It does not lead to fatal actions but can cause form side effects like Nausea, Mild tremors, Dizziness, Weakness and so on.



Things to be taken care of


Medicine should be stored away from children in a dark container. One should not consume alcohol for the specific time period when they are taking the medicine. Combination of medicine and alcohol is not good for heath. Intake of properly and timely meal is also very important. 



Side Effects


The medicine can have some side effects such as: Palpitation, Urticaria, Edema, Hypotension, Weakness, Sweating, Dizziness, Mild tremors, Nausea, Nose bleeding, Restlessness and many more.



Interaction with other drugs


Clearly explain it to the doctor about all the medicines you are taking. Combination of some medicines can lead to harmful effect.

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Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 250 mcg (Advair Diskus)

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