Roxid - 150 mg (Rulide)
US Brand Name Rulide
Strength 150 mg
Generic Name Roxithromycin
Manufacturer Dynamic Labs
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

ROXID 150mg


Roxid is an antibiotic that falls in the category of macrolides and is used to treat bacterial infections in ear, eyes, nose, lungs and throat.



How it works?


Roxid is recommended for treating mild to moderate infections caused by bacteria. This medicine treats infections in the respiratory tract, urinary tract and is even used to treat tonsils and sinusitis.



Important information about Medicine


Roxithromycin is a semi-synthetic antibiotic used for treating soft tissue, skin structure, skin and other infections. This antibiotic is very similar in structure to other antibiotics such as azithromycine, erythromycin and clarithromycine.



Dosage information


The patient needs to take 150mg once daily for a week to fight the infections, however in severe cases the dosage could be increased to 300mg by the doctor.


Strengths available


Roxid is available in the strength of 150 mg.



What if you miss a dose?


Try and take the medicine same time everyday this will help you follow a routine. If a dose is missed, it needs to be taken as soon as one remembers. If time to next does is near the missed one should be avoided and the regular pattern needs to be followed.



What if you overdose?


Do not alter the dose in any case; make sure that you take in the prescribed dosage. In case, one overdoses, it is advised to seek counsel from the doctor immediately or call in the nearby pharmacist for help.



Things to be taken care of


This medicine is not to be used for treating viral infections. Roxid cannot be given to children with a body weight of less than 40kg. People who have liver problems, hypersensitivity or the ones who are allergic to other antibiotics such as azithromycine should not take this medicine. If taking medicine for migraine or asthma, the doctor needs to be informed about this before taking Roxid. If currently pregnant or planning to conceive, do not take this medicine without consulting the doctor. If breast feeding, consult with your doctor about the effects of the medicine and take in only when recommended.



Side Effects


If any of these symptoms are noticed, you need to immediately report this to the doctor.

§  Vaginal thrush

§  Oral thrush

§  Loss of appetite

§  Nausea

§  Stomach pain

§  Upset stomach

§  Flatulence

§  Itchy skin

§  Headache

§  Fatigue

§  Rashness or redness of skin

§  Altered taste

§  Watery diarrhea

§  Fever

§  Severe abdominal or stomach cramps


Make sure that you stop taking the medicine till these symptoms are reported to the doctor.



Interaction with other drugs


Medicines that could react with the ingredients present in Roxid are theopylline, disopyramide, warfarin, midazolam, digoxin, terfenadine, astemizole, cisapride, cyclosporine and pimozide.

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Roxid - 150 mg (Rulide)

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