Nailon - 5 ml (Penlac Nail Lacquer)
US Brand Name Penlac Nail Lacquer
Strength 5 ml
Generic Name Ciclopirox
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pharmaceutical Form Lotion/s


NAILON is an anti-fungal medicine used to treat fungal infections of fingernails and toenails.

How it works?

NAILON works by inhibiting the growth of fungus in skin infections such as jock itch, athlete’s foot, ringworm and even yeast infections.

Important information about Medicine

Cicloporix is used to treat fungal infections of feet and nails and is sold in the form of gel, liquid and cream. Daily use of this medicine tends to control and restrict the growth of fungus thus bringing relief from the infection.

Dosage information

The doctor would decide on the dosage looking at the infection and considering factors such as age and health of the patient. Apply NAILON once a day or as prescribed by your doctor. Always use NAILON is the dosage prescribed by your physician and ensure that you complete the course even if you see visible improvement and sense relief from infection as with this the infection will not occur again.

Strengths available

NAILON is available at our store in the strength of 5ml

What if you miss a dose?

In case you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember, however if the time to next dose is close you can skip the missed one.

What if you overdose?

Although the chances of overdose are bleak, make sure that you do not alter the dosage prescribed by the physician as with this the condition might deteriorate.

Things to be taken care of

NAILON falls under FDA category B which means expectant ladies can use this medicine, but still talk to your doctor before using it. Apply NAILON at least 8-10 hours before taking shower and remove the dried medicine using alcohol with care and caution. Avoid using nail polish or wearing artificial nails when using NAILON as this might restrict airflow. In case you are allergic to any medicine, make sure that you inform your doctor about the same before using NAILON.

Side Effects

Although not many serious side effects have been noted with the use of NAILON, but still the ones that have been reported by some people are:

• Itching at or around the application area
• Redness around the infected area
• Burning sensation on skin around the infection
• Discoloration in the nails
In case any of these side effects occur, inform your doctor without any delay as if untreated or uncontrolled the condition might worsen.

Interaction with other drugs

Being a topical product the chances of drug interactions are not that strong but still one needs to avoid using any other anti fungal or anti bacterial medicine when using this product. Inform your doctor about the medicines that you take and do not start taking in any new medicine, herbal supplement or multivitamin when using NAILON.

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Nailon - 5 ml (Penlac Nail Lacquer)

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