Lenalid 25 mg (Revlimid)
US Brand Name Revlimid
Strength 25mg
Generic Name Lenalidomide
Manufacturer Natco Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical Form Capusles

Lenalid 25mg


Lenalid is a medicine that is used to treat people with lower red blood count and anemia caused by myelodysplastic syndrome. This medicine is used in combination with other drugs to treat multiple myeloma in patients who have already been treated with any other anti cancer drug.


How it works?


Being an immunomodulatory agent, this medicine causes the bone marrow to make new blood cells and also helps erase the abnormal ones.


Important information about Medicine


Linalomide comes with anti-angiogenic, anti-neoplastic, immunomodulatory and properties.


Dosage information


The patient needs to take one capsule in a day with or without food. The medicine needs to be taken with water. In case of children, the doctor would decide on the dosage considering age, spread of cancer and other factors.


Strengths available


Lenalid is available in the strength of 25mg.


What if you miss a dose?


If you miss the dose, forget the missed one and go in for the next one and follow the schedule. Do not stop taking the dose in case you feel better without consulting the doctor.


What if you overdose?


Never alter the dosage as it might prove fatal, always follow the instructions and guidelines given by the doctor and take each dose on time. In case, you take multiple doses by mistake rush to the nearby medical emergency center immediately.


Things to be taken care of


If you have tumor, kidney problems or if you are taking dialysis inform your doctor about this before you take this medicine. Women who are pregnant or lactating should not take this medicine as it might harm the baby. This medicine can be passed through a man while sexual intercourse too so make sure that you take complete protection.


Side Effects


As with all other medicines, this drug too has some side effects, these are:

§  Headaches

§  Nausea

§  Vomiting

§  Trouble Sleeping

§  Dizziness

§  Coughing

§  Back Pain

§  Tiredness

§  Dry Mouth

§  Loss Or Increased Appetite

§  Weakness

§  Sweating Or Night Sweats

§  Chills

§  Muscle Or Joint Pain

§  Stomach Pains

§  Bruising

§  Chest Pain

If any of these symptoms occur get in touch with your doctor before these get worse.


Interaction with other drugs


Constituents present in this medicine might interact with the ones present in other anti cancer drugs or medicines so make sure you do not start taking any new medicine while on Lenalid. Avoid taking foods that have dyes or preservatives as these might interact with this medicine and cut down on its efficacy. If you are taking any anti allergy drug or if on insulin, notify your doctor about this before you start taking this medicine. Follow the instructions provided by the doctor and do not take any restricted foods and beverages. Do not stop taking any medicine if prescribed by the doctor to avoid any complications. 


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Lenalid 25 mg (Revlimid)

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