Fenolip - 145 mg (Tricor)
US Brand Name Tricor
Strength 145 mg
Generic Name Fenofibrate
Manufacturer N/A
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

What is Fenolip


Fenolip tablets with generic name Fenofiberate is a cholesterol (LDL or bad cholesterol) lowering drug and is prescribed in dyslipidemia. The medication is used for the treatment of high cholesterol in the blood and high triglyceride (fatty acids) levels. 


Why Fenolip


It decrease the LDL cholesterol levels in the body which further reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders. This drug is prescribed along with a proper low fat diet to treat high cholesterol and its effects. By combating the triglyceride, it may also reduce the risk of pancreatitis with high blood triglyceride level.

Fenolip belongs to a class of drugs referred as ‘fibrates’. The drug is sold under various names including Tricor, Lipicard (manufactured by USV), and Fenolip (manufactured by Cipla).


How it works


The cholesterol lowering ability in this drug is helpful to treat Hypercholesteremia. Fenolip activates peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (PPAR-a) which triggers lipoprotein lipase and decreases apoprotein CII that increases lipolysis and eliminates triglyceride rich particles from plasma. Thus, it helps to increase high density lipoproteins (good cholestrol) in blood stream.


How to take Fenolip


You must swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water, do not crush or chew it. This drug is taken once a day. It is the best practice to take a medicine at the same time daily to get the good results. All medicines come along with a leafleft, go through that prescription and then take the dose.   

Fenolip is a comprehensive medication for blood pressure which includes diet restrictions, exercises, and other medicines. So, you should follow a proper regimen of such things as prescribed by your doctor to keep your cholesterol level balanced. Also, if you are taking complimentary pills like cholestyramine, colestipol, or colesevelam, to reduce cholesterol, take them at least 1 hour after or 4 hours before taking Fenolip.



How long should it be taken?


Always follow the doctor’s prescription about the medication. Do not alter the dosage unless you are supervised to do so. Also, do not take the medicine after the prescribed period is over.     


What if you overdose?


If you take too much pills and experience symptoms like dizziness, weakness, fatigue, irregular beating of heart, then you may need urgent medication treatment.


What if you miss the dose?


Take the medicine as soon as your remember. But, if the next dose time is near then avoid it and take the next dose on correct time. Make sure not to double the dose to compensate the missing one.   



Side effects- All medicines have side effects, sometimes they become serious when not be taken care or checked by the doctor. Some common side effects of Fenolip are diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, headache, pain in back, arms and legs. While some serious issues are-


§  Skin blistering

§  Joint pain

§  Rashes and hives

§  Nausea, vomiting

§  Redness, swelling and warmth in leg

§  Breath shortness   


On rare occasions, Fenolip has caused a severe lowering of HDL or good cholesterol which is as opposite as the drug should result. Your cholesterol level must be checked when you are taking this medicine on regular basis.


Note: Fenolip dosage may depend on range of factors like age, sex, allergies associated with drugs or seriousness of the conditions. Your dosage must be properly examined by the doctor.



Interaction with other drugs


Always inform your doctor about other medicines which you are taking till date. Some blood thinner like warfarin, medicines to treat bowel disorder, immunosuppressors, antiviral medications, chemotherapy, pain or arthritis medications (aspirin), or injected antibiotics may interact with Fenolip. Inform your doctor about these medications and never start new medicine without consultation.   


Warning and Precautions


Do not take Fenolip (Tricor, Lipicard, Fenolip) if you are prone to allergy. Moreover, stop taking this medicine if you have liver disease, gall bladder disease, severe kidney disease, if you are on dialysis, or if you are breast feeding a baby. If you have any kind of such disorders, then concern to a doctor and also let your doctor know if you have heart disease, diabetes, a thyroid disorder, or a history of pancreatitis or liver disease.     

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Fenolip - 145 mg (Tricor)

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