Efavir - 600 mg (Sustiva)
US Brand Name Sustiva
Strength 600 mg
Generic Name Efavirenz
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

Efavir - 600 mg


It has a generic name Efavirenz, which is prescribed for the treatment of HIV that causes Human immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. It is an antiviral drug that prevents HIV from multiplying in the body. It is sold under various trade names; some of them are Sustiva and Efavir (made by Cipla). Beside from this treatment, it is also used for other treatments which are not listed here.  



Important information about Efavirenz

Efavirenz (Sustiva, Efavir) will not provide cure for HIV. You may be at the risk of spreading the virus to other people through infected blood (via

needles, razors, tooth brush) or through unsafe sexual practices (ensure proper barrier contraception). You may take care about these things and use proper measure to make sure that virus should not propagate.


It belongs to FDA pregnancy category D drug. It is not recommended for use if you are pregnant because it can harm an unborn baby. You must employ a proper barrier contraceptive method while you are on the treatment of Efavirenz and use for at least 12 weeks following the end of your treatment.  Notify your doctor if you become pregnant during the use of HIV medicine. However, HIV can be passed into the baby if mother is not treated safely during pregnancy. Always remember to take medicines for HIV as advised by your doctor to prevent your baby from this dreadful syndrome.    



Before taking Abacavir Efavirenz


Before taking Efavirenz, take care of all the above mentioned precautions. Discuss all the conditions with your doctor and clear all doubts pertaining to this drug. In order to make sure whether this medicine is safe for you, you must inform your doctor if you have these conditions: liver disease including hepatitis B or C, high cholesterol or triglycerides, or if you have taken delavirdine or nevirapine previously and they were unsuccessful in treating your condition.



Dosage information


You should take the dosage of Efavirenz HIV medication (Sustiva, Efavir) strictly as per your doctor’s recommendation. Do not alter the dosage unless your doctor advices you to do so. Also, do not consider this medicine in use after the prescription period is over. All medications comes with a patient leaflet, you should refer the medicine label to get more information about the drug. Take Efavirenz on empty stomach during the bed time, or as advised by your doctor. HIV is treated with combination medicines. Always take the prescribed drugs to prevent HIV. Store the medicine in a cool or dry place.  


Efavirenz can show a false positive drug screening test. Make sure to aware the laboratory staff where you have your drug test done that you are on the treatment with Efavirenz.   



What if you miss a dose


If you miss a dose of Efavirenz, take the dose as soon as you remember. Be aware to skip the dose if the next dose time is almost up. Taking multiple dose can lead to excess medicine in your body which might cause harmful conditions.    



What if you overdose- In case of overdose, get emergency medical help or call your doctor immediately. Overdose may result into confusion, lack of balance or coordination, severe mood or behavior changes, or suicidal thoughts.



Things to avoid


This drug could not safe your body to eliminate HIV. It will prevent the growth of multiplication of virus. Chances of spreading the virus still remain same if you are not using safety precautions. You should take care about infected razors, needles or toothbrush, unprotected sex, because it may increase the chances of HIV.  Hence, avoid these kinds of activities and things. It may cause dizziness in your body. So, avoid the activities which require high mental awareness. Also, avoid alcohol and street drugs while taking Efavirenz as it may worsen the side effects due to this medicine.



Side Effects


Some common side effects caused by Efavirenz are dizziness, trouble sleeping, drowsiness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, unusual dreams, and concentration troubles. You may experience these side effects in 1-2 days after taking this medicine and the effects usually subside in 2-4 weeks.


This medicine may also causes rash which might be confused with serious rash. Let your doctor inform if you get a rash.


This drug can entail severe psychiatric problems like severe depression, confusion, suicidal thoughts, aggression, extreme fear, hallucinations, or unusual behavior. Inform your doctor if you get any of these conditions while taking Efavirenz and ever had in past. Some patients may feel deterioration of previous medical condition as they experience the recovery, or develop new condition due to overactive immune system. Inform your doctor if you have any of these conditions. It may also increase the risk of bone loss. 



Interaction with other drugs


You should not take Efavirenz with cisapride, pimozide, midazolam, triazolam, or ergot medicines like dihydroergotamine, egonovine, ergotamine, or methyergonovine. These drugs may interfere with Efavirenz and leads to dangerous effects. There may be some other medicines which can interfere with it. Inform your doctor beforehand if you may be using any of the above medicines.


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Efavir - 600 mg (Sustiva)

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