Azopt Eye Drop - 1% (5 ml) Eye Drop (Azopt)
US Brand Name Azopt
Strength 1% (5 ml) Eye Drop
Generic Name Brinzolamide opthalmic suspension
Manufacturer Alcon Laboratories Inc, USA
Pharmaceutical Form Eye Drop/s

Azopt Eye Drop 1% 5 ml


Azopt Eye Drop is indicated to decrease increased intraocular pressure in conditions such as open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. These eye drops are given to the patients in whom the beta blockers have failed to show any results.

How it works?


Azopt Eye Drop is a carbonic inhibitor and it works by decreasing the fluid production inside the eyes and this cuts down on the eye pressure.

Important information about Medicine


Brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension is used for treating high pressure in the eyes whilst treating various types of glaucoma.

Dosage information


Recommended dosage of 1 drop needs to be put in the affected eye thrice daily. The doctor can increase or decrease the dose considering condition of the patient. Always make sure that a time gap of 10 minutes is maintained while administering the eye drops in both the eyes.

Strengths available


Azopt Eye Drop is available in the strength of 5 ml.

What if you miss a dose?


In case, you miss on the dose, take it as soon as you remember. Make sure that you take each dosage on time as this helps you take the dosage without a fail.

What if you overdose?


Although, the overdose might do any major harm, try not to alter the dosage and take every dose on time. If you overdose, consult your health care professional as soon as possible.

Things to be taken care of


Do not take Azopt Eye Drop if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. In case, you are allergic to any of the constituents present in the eye drops, talk to your doctor about the available alternatives. If you are suffering from kidney, liver or heart related diseases, talk to your doctor about your current medicine intake before you administer Azopt Eye Drop. Do not touch the applicator with eyes, try maintaining complete hygiene. If suffering from an eye injury do not use Azopt Eye Drop unless instructed by a doctor.

Side Effects


Like all other medicines, Azopt Eye Drop too can cause some side effects:

§  Bitter taste in mouth

§  Tearing

§  Dryness of the eyes when first applied

§  Eye discharge

§  Swelling of the cornea

§  Foreign body sensation in the eye

§  Inflammation of the eyelids

§  Headache

§  Difficulty breathing

§  Eye pain or itching

§  Swelling of the mouth

§  Tightness in the chest

Make sure that all the signs and symptoms are reported to the doctor immediately.

Interaction with other drugs


Azopt Eye Drop might interact with other medicines, make sure that you inform your doctor about the medicines that you are taking or have taken in the recent past. High dose salicylate therapy might cause acid base alterations, ensure that you discuss this with your doctor in detail. 


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Azopt Eye Drop - 1% (5 ml) Eye Drop (Azopt)

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