Bactroban - 5 gm (Bactobran)
US Brand Name Bactobran
Strength 5gm
Generic Name Mupirocin
Manufacturer GSK
Pharmaceutical Form Ointment



Bactroban is an antibiotic that is used to fight infections growing on the skin caused by strains of S. aureus and S. pygones. 


How it works?


Bactroban cream when applied on the infected area fights infection and helps you get rid of it completely.

Important information about Medicine


Topical Mupirocin calcium cream is used to treat skin infections such as Impetigo and other skin lesions. One needs to wait for at least 3 to 5 days to watch out for the signs of improvement as it works deep down to cut the infection.

Dosage information


Use this antibiotic cream strictly as advised by the doctor. Clean dry the infected area before applying the cream. Wash your hands before applying the cream. In case, you are not clear with the instructions, talk to your doctor or a local pharmacist for details.

Strengths available


Bactroban is available in the strength of 5gm

What if you miss a dose?


Try and apply the cream at regular intervals as directed by the doctor. You can apply it as soon as you remember if the last application has been missed.

What if you overdose?


The overdose is rare, try not to alter the dose, apply the cream as many times as prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the infection completely.

Things to be taken care of


Bactroban should not be used by the patients who are hypersensitive to any of the constituents present in it. Avoid contact with eyes, and in the case of accidental contact rinse your eyes with lots of water. In case, irritation occurs, get in touch with your doctor immediately.  

In case, the infection tends to get worse or does not show any signs of improvement after applying the cream of 5 days, get in touch with the doctor for advice. Always use a cotton gauze dressing and do not go in for those tight bandages that stop or slow down the blood circulation.  This is a pregnancy B category antibiotic cream; still it is advisable to seek advice from the doctor before using it.

Side Effects


Probable side effects from the application of Bactroban include:

§  Itching

§  Redness

§  Peeling

§  Skin irritation

§  Unusual blistering

§  Dryness

§  Rashes around the infected area

§  hives


None of these side effects are to be taken lightly, as soon as you notice any of these, stop with the application and consult your dermatologist.

Interaction with other drugs

Although no drug interactions have been reported so far, still if you are taking a medicine, inform your doctor about this. Do not apply any other cream when using this antibiotic as this could aggravate the infection. 

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Bactroban - 5 gm (Bactobran)

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