Moxmod - 500 mg
US Brand Name Amoxil
Strength 500Mg
Generic Name Amoxycillin
Manufacturer Mod's Dispensary, India

Moxmod 500 Mg is manufactured by Mod’s Dispensary in India and is available at all the leading online pharmacies, drug stores, and medical stores. It is one of the leading brands in India.

Strength of Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin) contains Modafinil as the active medicinal ingredient.

It should be noted that this medicine is available in varying strengths.

Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin) is used for the treatment and prevention of:

·        Tonsilitis

·        Bronchitis

How Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin) works?

Moxmod 500 Mg improves the symptoms and condition of the patient by

1.     It inhibits the bacterial infection by destroying it.

Before You Use a Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

      You should be sure that:

1.     You are not allergic to Maxmod 500mg.

2.     It is not affecting the medicines you are taking with it or not interacting with those.

What should I avoid while using Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)?

·        Using Alcohol

·        Consuming chilled soft drinks

·        Smoking

When not to use Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)?

One should avoid using Moxmod 500 Mg

·        If one is allergic to it.

Tell your doctor if

·        You are allergic to Moxmod 500 Mg

·        You are taking any other medication for any disease or disorder.

·        You are pregnant.

Dosage of Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

Moxmod 500 Mg is available in varying strengths and at different doses.

Consult a doctor for the appropriate dose.

How much of Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin) to be taken?

Generally, it must be in the range which is suitable according to the person’s health. Maxmod 500mg is available in the form of capsules.

How to use Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)?

·        One should wash and dry his/her hands properly before and after taking this medicine.

·        One should take this medicine as long as directed by the physician.

·        Take this medicine with a meal.

For how long should I continue using Moxmod 500mg?

One should take Maxmod 500mg medicine as long as directed by the physician.

Overdose of this medicine can lead to-

Overdose of Maxmod 500mg can lead to a wide spectrum of adverse effects. Contact immediately to the doctor immediately if an overdose is suspected.

Missed dose of Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

Take the missed dose as soon as you recall it. If it is nearly close to the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not take 2 doses at the same time or extra doses. 

Side effects of Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

The side effects of Moxmod 500 Mg are as follows:

·        Clay-colored stools

·        Chills

·        cough

·        dark urine

·        diarrhea

Drug Interactions with Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

If you are taking some drugs or other over the counter medicines, these may interfere with the therapeutic effect of Moxmod 500 Mg. Some of the drugs that are known to interact with Moxmod 500 Mg are as follows:

·        Methotrexate

·        Cholera vaccine

You must inform the doctor about all the medications you are already taking and always follow the instructions.

Contraindications for Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

1.     If one is suffering from allergy

Warning and Precautions for Moxmod 500 Mg (Amoxycillin)

1.     Avoid exposure to sunlight.

2.     If irritation or allergies persist, stop the application of medicine and consult a doctor.

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Moxmod - 500 mg

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