Megabrom - 5 ml (Xibrom)
US Brand Name Xibrom
Strength 5 ml
Generic Name Bromfenac Opthalmic Solution
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical Form Eye Drop/s


MEGABROM eye drops are used for treating pain, swelling or redness of eyes. This medicine is used to treat postoperative inflammation that usually occurs after a surgery and it also works in reducing ocular pain in patients.

How it works?

MEGABROM eye drops works by blocking the effects of certain medicines or conditions that cause swelling of the eye lid and pain. This medicine is prescribed to the patients after cataract surgery to reduce eyelid inflammation and reduce that excessive fluid on the lid area.

Important information about Medicine

Bromofenac is a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug used to treat swelling of eyelids, redness, eye discharge and excessive tear production.

Dosage information

Prescribed dosage is of one drop daily in both the eyes for two weeks starting immediately after the surgery. Patients need to follow the dosage instructions carefully and maintain proper hygiene when administering the dose.

Strengths available

MEGABROM is available in the strength of 5ml

What if you miss a dose?

If you miss the dose you can take in when you remember, make sure that you do not take the missed dose if the time to next dose is close.

What if you overdose?

Multiple doses can cause irritation of eyes and can even cause severe itching and pain in the eyes, thus the patients should not alter the prescribed dosage in any case.

Things to be taken care of

MEGABROM is a prescription only medicine and needs to be used only when instructed by the doctor. This medicine should not be taken by the ones who are allergic to its components or the ones suffering from asthma, diabetes, dry eye syndrome or any bleeding disorders. If allergic to aspirin or sulfa inform your doctor about this before you start using MEGABROM. In case you are pregnant or trying to conceive tell this to your doctor.

Side Effects

Although no major side effects have been reported, the mild and moderate ones that could bother some patients are:

• Headache
• blurred vision
• burning sensation in eyes
• redness in the eyes
• discharge from the eyes
• increased sensitivity to light
• bleeding within the eyes

None of these symptoms should be taken lightly and the doctor needs to be notified immediately so that these could be controlled and treated.

Interaction with other drugs

Intake of MEGABROM with analgesic creams and eye drops could lead to bleeding and clotting. Using it with the intake of Warfarin increases the risk of bleeding. Avoid taking any antiplatelet medicine such as clopidogrel with these eye drops. The interactions can vary from one medicine to another, thus avoid starting any new medicine with MEGABROM. In case, you are taking any medicine notify your doctor about the same to prevent any interactions from occurring.

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Megabrom - 5 ml (Xibrom)

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