Imatib - 100 mg (Imatinib)
US Brand Name Imatinib
Strength 100mg
Generic Name Imatinib
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

IMATIB 100mg
IMATIB is an anti-cancer drug used to treat leukemia cancer and other types of blood cancer. In many situations it might also be used to treat dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

How it works?
This anti-cancer drug works by blocking the activity of a various naturally occurring reactions that help cancer cells multiply. Intake of this medicine prevents the multiplication and spreading of cancer cells.

Important information about Medicine
Imatinib stops growth and spread of abnormal cells that aid growth of cancer cells thus limiting the infection to a certain area and this is what makes treatment possible.

Dosage information
The dosage and strength that a patient takes depending on several factors and overall condition of the patient. Generally, patients need to take 100mg once or twice daily with water after a meal.

Strengths available
IMATIB is available in the strength of 100mg at our store online.

What if you miss a dose?
Take the medicine at the same time daily as this would avoid any skip. In case, a dose is missed the doctor needs to be consulted immediately.

What if you overdose?
Overdose might lead to severe reactions leading to immediate medical assistance. Make sure that you do not alter the dosage prescribed by the doctor and in case you do get in touch with your nearby medical emergency or poison center.

Things to be taken care of
IMATIB should never be taken without consulting a doctor. Make sure that you always take this medicine with plain water; intake with any other beverage would cause severe health issues deteriorating the condition of the patient. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this medicine unless instructed by the doctor. If you are trying to conceive, make sure that you inform your doctor about this before taking IMATIB.

Side Effects
Intake of this anti-cancer drug might lead to several minor, moderate and major side effects, such as:

• Indigestion
• Belching
• Feeling empty
• Loose stools
• Stiff muscles
• Heartburn
• Mouth sores
• Vomiting
• Hives
• Rash
• Teary eyes
• Muscle cramp
• Nausea
• Loss of appetite
• Irritation
• Change in eye vision

Immediately report these to your doctor and make sure that you do not delay seeking complete medical assistance.

Interaction with other drugs
IMATIB might show interactions with:

• Clarithromycin
• Carbamazepine
• Amiodarone
• Simvastatin
• Diltiazem
• Phenytoin
• Verapamil
• Tranquilizers
• Sleeping pills
• Erythromycin
• Famotidine
• Nefazodone
• Cimetidine
• Ritonavir
• Nelfinavir
• Indinavir
• Phenobarbital

Apart from medicines, there are certain foods and beverages too that might show interactions with IMATIB. Intake of grape juice is prohibited with this anti-cancer drug as it cuts down the efficacy of the drug. Avoid taking alcohol with the medicine as this might show some interactions.

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Imatib - 100 mg (Imatinib)

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