Glybuvin - 5 mg (DiaBeta)
US Brand Name DiaBeta
Strength 5mg
Generic Name Glibenclamide
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

How it works


Glybuvin 5 mg comes under the generic name Glibenclamide which is sulphonylurea in itself. It lowers the level of blood sugar and removes excess amount of sugar from the blood.  



Important information about Glibenclamide


Glibenclamide should be taken immediately after having your breakfast or the first meal. Don’t take this medicine if you already have had any allergy with it in the past. It must be kept in a dry place and should not be accessible to children. The patient having liver problems is not at all advisable to take it and you should not let others to take it without doctor’s advice.



Dosage information


Usually, the preferred starting dose is 5 mg on daily basis. However, the proper dosage may vary as per your body weight and other medical conditions along with pharmacist or doctor’s advice. Never take the dosage more than that of prescribed by the doctor.



Strengths available


The drug is available in strength as Glybuvin 5 mg.



What if you miss a dose?


If unknowingly you missed to take the medicine you need not to worry about that. Rather take it as and when it comes to your mind. But don’t take two doses together.



What if you overdose?


On taking the excess of this medicine, it may create several problems which may be injurious to the body. So, in this case, you are advised to consult the doctor promptly.



Things to be taken care of


Get your sugar and urine level checked on regular basis. You should not take this medicine if you are liver patient or having jaundice. For pregnant and breast feeding women, it is not recommended generally.  Stop smoking and start taking regular exercise to get the best and fruitful result very early. Avoid alcohol consumption during the course of this medicine. It is advisable to follow the diet strictly. Always use sun screen creams while taking it.



Side Effects


Glibenclamide has some side effects but it can affect individual in its own way. And it does not produce side effects very commons. These occur very rarely. So, no need to get panic about its adverse effects. A few of the side effects of this medicine are:

§  diarrhoea, nausea

§  constipation

§  vomiting

§  Weight gain

§  Skin rashes

§  Liver problems

§  Jaundice

§  Appetite increment

§  Low blood sugar

§  Itching and fever


If you feel something very serious, visit the nearest hospital casualty department as soon as possible.

Interaction with other drugs


On getting any kind of interaction, as there may be several drugs which interact with the Glibenclamide see the doctor on immediate basis. Below is the such list which may interact:

§   Ramipril

§  Cyclosporine

§  Fluoxetine

§  Phenytoin

§  Pyrimethamine

§  Tetracycline

§  Reserpine

§  Nicardipine

§  Irbesartan

§  Rifampin

§  Diazoxide

§  Quinine

§  Dexamethasone

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Glybuvin - 5 mg (DiaBeta)

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