Glucobay - 50 mg (Precose)
US Brand Name Precose
Strength 50mg
Generic Name Acarbose
Manufacturer Bayer HealthCare AG
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

How it works


Glucobay 50 mg is having a composition which contains the maximum amount of Acarbose, which is its generic name as well. It is used to prevent and control blood sugar level in the body. It slows down the actions of enzymes which work to turn the carbohydrates into glucose in the body. It slows down alpha-glucosidase and amylase’s actions and slows down the sugar appearance in blood after taking the meal. This way, it also helps in preventing kidney and nerve problems, blindness and sexual problems.



Important information about Acarbose


To get the best results of this medicine the patient should have proper diet and exercise on regular basis. Don’t take this medicine if you have undergone any kind of surgery or you are expecting a baby. It should never be stored in bathroom and keep it at out of children’s reach. Don’t stop or start taking this medicine without doctors’ prescription. You should not take digestive enzymes while taking this medicine.



Dosage information


Its usual recommended dosage in 25 mg thrice a day; but, it mainly depends on the weight of the body and medical conditions. Its maximum limit to intake is 50 to 100 mg depending on the body weight of the patient. After every hour of meal taken glucose level in checked in the body and depending on that level, its dosage varies. Never throw this medicine in drainage when it is not required at all.



Strengths available


It is available in strength as Glucobay 50 mg.



What if you miss a dose?


If you skipped any dose you are advised not to take another job when it is time to take second one.



What if you overdose?


If you are suspected for overdose of the medicine contact the pharmacist or see any closest doctor promptly. It may be injurious for health.



Things to be taken care of


§  It should be kept in a tight container and at a temperature of 15 to 30 degrees.

§  Do not use table sugar.

§  During pregnancy it should be taken only if very urgently needed.

§  Don’t let any other who has the same symptoms to take it without doctors’ prescription.

§  Get you urine and blood level checked regularly.

§  Store it at a place away from sunlight and direct heat.

§  Don’t take it you are having bowel or stomach blockage.



Side Effects

The medicine does result in several side effects rarely that may not be much harmful.  Few of them are constipation, gas, diarrhea, nausea, rectal bleeding, dark urine and stomach pain.   



Interaction with other drugs


There are few medicines which directly or indirectly interact with Acarbose. Some of these are:

§  Lanoxin

§  Balofloxacin

§  Ciprofloxacin

§  Fosamprenavir

§  Lurasidone

§  Ofloxacin

§  Prulifloxacin

§  Ritonavir

§  Esmolol

§  Oxprenolol

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Glucobay - 50 mg (Precose)

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