Foligraf 150 IU (Follistim AQ)
US Brand Name Follistim AQ
Strength 150 IU
Generic Name Recombinat Human
Manufacturer Bharat Serum
Pharmaceutical Form Vial/s

Foligraf 150 IU


Foligraf contains follicle stimulating hormones. This medicine is indicated for the people undergoing any kind of cancer treatment.


How it works?


Foligraf works by stimulating the ovaries making them produce multiple eggs at a time.


Important information about Medicine


Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone injections are prescribed in the condition in which a patient undergoing cancer treatment start losing hair or in case of women who are not responding to clomiphere citrate.


Dosage information


One needs to administer the dosage as recommended by a specialist. Do not self inject the injection unless you are a pro at it. Do not use expired injection or cartridge.


Strengths available


Foligraf injection is available in two strengths 75 IU and 150 IU.


What if you miss a dose?


Do not miss even a single dose of this anti cancer drug. In case you miss one, call up your doctor for advice immediately.


What if you overdose?


Although the effects of overdose are unknown, still one need to take the dose directed by the doctor as it could lead to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.


Things to be taken care of


This is a prescription drug and should not be taken unless instructed by the doctor. This medicine should not be used along with any other drug unless recommended by the doctor. Foligraf should not be taken by someone who is allergic to benzyl alcohol or sodium phosphate.

This injection is not prescribed for the ones with adrenal issues and uncontrolled thyroid. In case, trying to get pregnant, discuss this with your doctor before you take Foligraf injection. In case, your ovaries are enlarged or swollen discuss this with your doctor before he or she administers Foligraf on you. People taking asthma or blood clot related medicines need to notify the doctor about the condition before taking this anti cancer drug.


Side Effects


Like other drugs, Foligraf too has some side effects that might bother some and not all, these are:

§  Breast Pain Or Growth

§  Discomfort At The Injection Site

§  Stomach Upset

§  Sinus Infection

§  Swelling Of The Mouth

§  Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

§  Severe Pelvic Or Back Pain

§  OHSS-ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

§  Unusual Vaginal Itching

§  Vaginal Discharge

§  One-Sided Weakness

§  Shortness Of Breath

§  Bloating

§  Vomiting

§  Tightness In The Chest

None of these symptoms are to be taken lightly and one needs to inform the doctor as soon as these occur. 

Interaction with other drugs


Foligraf might interact with other follicle stimulating hormone drugs. In case, taking any vitamin supplement or herbal formulation, avoid taking it with this medicine as this might lead to serious interactions. Do not start any new medicine while on foligraf injections unless your doctor directs. Follow the food and beverage restrictions carefully. 


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Foligraf 150 IU (Follistim AQ)

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