Flutopic - 10 gm (Flutopic)
US Brand Name Flutopic
Strength 10 gm
Generic Name Fluticasone Propionate Ointment
Manufacturer Systopic
Pharmaceutical Form Tube/s

Main ingredient of flutopic 10 gm is Fluticasone propionate is known as a tropical medicine which is used to cure several skin diseases like rashes and psoriasis. Also, it is used to treat itching and redness. Steroid contained in the drug lessens the inflammation caused due to these diseases. It binds internal secretion receiver with great efficiency and the transcription alters.



Important information about Fluticasone propionate


It is advisable to take this medicine on regular medicine till the disease is cured permanently. Don’t stop the medicine until the doctor says so. You should avoid using it if you have low poor blood circulation, pregnant or breast feeding mother.



Dosage information


The usual dosage of this medicine depends upon various factors like age group and the medical condition. Basically, a little amount at par to the pea size is sufficient to apply and get relieved. It should not be applied to the patient, if s/he is a kid of 2 years or less until and unless instructed by the doctor.



Strengths available


It is available in Fluticasone propionate 10 gm strength.



What if you miss a dose?


In any case, if you forgot to apply the ointment, apply it as soon as you realize it. And continue as you were doing earlier. Complete the full course without a miss.



What if you overdose?


It is generally said excess of everything is bad. If you apply too much ointment on the affected area it may result in harmful effects. Consult the doctor immediately on feeling any kind of discomfort.



Things to be taken care of


§  Don’t swallow it, use it only topically.

§  Don’t let the medicine to get inside your eyes. If by chance it happens, rinse your eyes for few minutes.

§  Don’t recommend this medicine to any one else at your own.

§  If it causes, any kind of allergy stop using it.

§  Don’t use it if having severe nasal problems or liver problem.



Side Effects


It might not be same effective for everyone. To a couple of patients it might cause side effects as well when it is applied. Few of the common side effects that can occur are:

§  Rashes

§  Redness

§  Skin stinging

§  Discoloration of skin

§  Irritation

§  Cough

§  Nasal congestion

§  Numbness

§  Burning on the area applied

§  Fingers’ numbness

§  Immune system suppression


You no need to be get panic to see the list, it is not necessary that you will be experiencing the same.



Interaction with other drugs


There are few of the medicines which can interact with this ointment. Some of these are given below which should be avoided:

§  bicalutamide

§  itraconazole

§  chlorothiazide

§  ritonavir

§  voriconazole

§  isoniazid

§  fosamprenavir

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Flutopic - 10 gm (Flutopic)

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