Dronis - 3 mg + .02 mg (Yaz)
US Brand Name Yaz
Strength 3 mg + .02 mg
Generic Name Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

DRONIS (3mg + .02mg)

DRONIS is a birth control pill that makes changes in the uterine and cervical lining to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

How it works?

DRONIS works by preventing the release of an egg during the menstrual cycle. This medicine also makes periods regular and decreases blood loss during periods.

Important information about Medicine

Ethinyl estradiol and Drospirenone not only prevent pregnancy but also decrease the risk of ovarian cysts in females. This medicine is also given to treat mild to moderate acne in females.

Dosage information

Take the dosage prescribed by the doctor and make sure that you take the medicine orally with water and no other liquid.

Strengths available

DRONIS is available in the strength of 3mg + .02mg

What if you miss a dose?

In case you miss the dose chances are there that you might become pregnant so always keep a back up contraceptive ready. Try and follow a regular routine by taking DRONIS at the same time daily. Taking this medicine at bedtime daily would reduce chances of discomfort due to stomach cramps or dizziness.

What if you overdose?

If overdose is suspected get in touch with your doctor or rush to the nearby medical emergency service for immediate assistance.

Things to be taken care of

DRONIS should not be taken by the ones who are allergic to progestin or estrogen or the ones who want to become pregnant. The ones suffering from kidney, liver or heart diseases should take this medicine only when prescribed by the doctor. Breast feeding ladies should not take DRONIS as it might cause harm to the baby. Patients with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly while taking this oral contraceptive. Intake of this medicine might increase levels of potassium in the body, thus do not take things containing potassium while on DRONIS.

Side Effects

Like any other oral contraceptive, DRONIS too can lead to several side effects, these include:

• Sudden heavy bleeding
• Symptoms of a high potassium blood level
• Missed periods
• Warmth in the groin
• Headaches with vision changes
• Weakness on one side of the body
• Yellowing eyes
• Dark urine
• Lumps in the breast
• Swelling/ rash/ itching
• Mood changes
• Unusual sweating
• Numbness in the legs or arms
• Severe dizziness

Although these symptoms might not bother all, but still in case you feel any discomfort report it to your doctor immediately.

Interaction with other drugs

Drug interactions might occur with the intake of this oral contraceptive so make sure that you do not start or stop any medicine suddenly. The drugs that might show interactions with DRONIS are:

• Exemestane
• Tranexamic Acid
• Tamoxifen
• Dasabuvir
• Paritaprevir
• Ace Inhibitors Such As Lisinopril And Enalapril
• Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Such As Valsartan
• Griseofulvin
• Rifamycins

Make sure that you get yourself examined regularly while taking DRONIS so that any of the interactions might be dealt with at the right time.

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Dronis - 3 mg + .02 mg (Yaz)

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