Cynomycin - 50 mg (Minocin)
US Brand Name Minocin
Strength 50mg
Generic Name Minocycline HCL
Manufacturer Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Form Capusles



Cynomycin is used as an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia and infections in central nervous system, bladder, eyes and prostate.


How it works?


Cynomycin works by preventing the growth and spread of bacteria. Regular intake kills the bacteria and helps one get rid of the infection.



Important information about Medicine


Minocyline is a tetracycline antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections and conditions such as acne, gonorrhea, pneumonia, tick fever, urinary and respiratory tract infections and skin infections.



Dosage information


In adults, a dosage of 200 mg needs to be taken followed by a dosage of 100mg after every 12 hours. The doctor would decide on the dosage looking at the spread of infection. The dosage needs to be taken on empty stomach.



Strengths available


Cynomycin is available in the strength of 50mg.



What if you miss a dose?


Do not miss any dose of this antibiotic. Try and have the medicine at same time daily as this would help you take the medicine without a fail. In case you miss a dose, take it when you remember making sure that there are at least 8 to 10 hours to the next dose.



What if you overdose?


Take exact dosage as prescribed by the doctor. In case you overdose, call up your doctor or get in touch with the poison center of your area.



Things to be taken care of


Patients with a history of kidney problems, autoimmune disorders or asthma should not take this medicine. Pregnant and lactating women need to notify the doctor about this before taking this medicine. If allergic to any drug or if suffering from diabetes, inform your doctor before taking this medicine. In case, the medicine causes dizziness or vomiting, get in touch with your doctor immediately.  The medicine should not be used to treat viral infections. 


Side Effects


Side effects that could bother you are discoloration of secretions, loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, mouth ulcers, nausea, vaginal inflammation, redness of skin, increase in liver enzymes, itching, lung inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle pain and bruising. There are many more unreported side effects that might trouble you, for more details talk to your doctor.



Interaction with other drugs


Cynomycin might interact with antacids containing calcium. If taking an oral contraceptive, do not take this medicine as it brings down the effectiveness of the contraceptive. If used with isotretinoin, the interactin might lead to pseudotumuor celebri. Intake of this medicine with ethinylestradiol might cause facial pigmentation. If taking any medicine or any herbal formulation inform your doctor about this before you start taking Cynomycin. Do not change this medicine with any other and try not to alter the dosage.

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Cynomycin - 50 mg (Minocin)

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