Cyclomune .05% - 3 ml Eye Drop (Cyclosporine)
US Brand Name Cyclosporine
Strength 3 ml Eye Drop
Generic Name Cyclosporine
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, India
Pharmaceutical Form Eye Drop/s

Cyclomune .05%- 3ml eye drop


Cyclomune eye drop is used to treat various eye conditions as it brings down inflammation and irritation in the eyes. Intake of eye drops increases tear production in the patients suffering from dry eyes.  


How it works?


Cyclomune eye drop acts as an immunumodulator by alleviating dry eyes. This is an ophthalmic solution that increases tear production in the eyes and also provides relief from swelling.

Important information about Medicine


Cyclosporine eye drops are used for treating different eye conditions including dry eyes, inflammation and swelling.

Dosage information


Administer Cyclomune eye drop twice a day every 12 hours or as suggested by the health care practitioner. The doctor would decide on the dosage looking at the condition of the patient. One needs to follow the instructions provided on the packaging and self medication should be avoided. Always add prescribed number of drops in the eyes after washing your hands and do not touch the dropper.

Strengths available


Cyclomune eye drop is available in the strength of 3ml on our website

What if you miss a dose?


In case, you miss the dose, make sure that you take the missed dosage as soon as you remember.

What if you overdose?


Always take the dosage as instructed by the doctor and make sure that you do not exceed the dosage as this might lead to serious complications.

Things to be taken care of


Cyclomune eye drop should not be taken by someone who is allergic to Cyclosporine. In case, you are pregnant or trying to conceive, make sure that you notify your doctor before taking these eye drops. The immunosuppressive agents present in Cyclomune eye drop might cause discomfort in case one is suffering from an eye injury or any other infection and thus self medication should be avoided. Do not wear contact lenses while administering Cyclomune eye drop and try to maintain a time gap of few minutes before you put your lenses.

Side Effects


Cyclomune eye drop like other medicines too might cause some side effects, the ones that might bother some and not all are:

      Stinging sensation





Do not take any of these symptoms lightly and seek immediate medical assistance in case you feel uncomfortable.

Interaction with other drugs


Constituents present in the Cyclomune eye drop might interact with different

medicines and other eye drops, thus make sure that you do not start any new medicine while using it. Inform your doctor about the medicines that you have been taking in the recent past to avoid any such interactions from occurring.

Do not use any other eye drops when using Cyclomune eye drop as this might aggravate your condition. Use artificial tears only if recommended by the doctor. 


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Cyclomune .05% - 3 ml Eye Drop (Cyclosporine)

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