Azee DT - 100 mg (Zithromax)
US Brand Name Zithromax
Strength 100mg
Generic Name Azithromycin
Manufacturer Cipla
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

AZEE-DT is helpful in treating typhoid, gonorrhea, chancroid, pneumonia and granuloma inguinale.



How it works?


This antibiotic works by preventing the growth of bacteria and thus treats the infection.



Important information about Medicine


Azithromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that is used for treating various bacterial infections such as that of throat, middle ear, skin, sinuses, soft tissues and bronchus.



Dosage information


In adults, the prescribed dosage is of 500mg daily and needs to be taken for at least 3 days regularly. In conditions such as typhoid the length of the course might reach 7 days. The doctor would decide on the dosage looking into the kind of infection and its severity.



Strengths available


AZEE-DT is available in the strength of 100mg.



What if you miss a dose?


Make sure that not even a single dose of the antibiotic is missed. In case, you miss a dose, try to take it as soon as possible.



What if you overdose?


Do not take multiple doses together as this could prove harmful. In case, you notice symptoms such vomiting, headache, dizziness or nausea seek immediate medical assistance from your doctor or nearest medical center.



Things to be taken care of


Patients with the history of human immunodeficiency virus, cystic fibrosis, irregular heartbeat or liver or kidney need to exercise caution while taking this medicine. Pregnant and breast feeding women need to speak to their doctor about ill effects of the medicine on the baby before taking this medicine. If planning to conceive, discuss it with your doctor regarding the use of this medicine. If hypersensitive to Azithromycin do not take this medicine.



Side Effects


Mild to moderate side effects that could trouble you with the intake of AZEE-DT are nausea, dyspepsia, vomiting, flatulence, abdominal pain, cramping, cholestatic jaundice, angioedema, dizziness, vertigo, headache, somnolence, vertigo, transient elevations of liver enzyme values, decrease in platelets, vaginal inflammation, abnormal liver function, nervousness, uneasiness, abnormal heart rhythm with QT prolongation, hyperactivity, fungal infection, hives and blistering, inflammation of pharynx and joint pains. If any of these symptoms occur, make sure that you opt in for immediate medical attention.  Do not stop taking the medicine unless instructed by the doctor.



Interaction with other drugs


Constituents present in antacids containing magnesium and aluminium salts could interfere with AZEE-DT cutting down on the absorption rate. Do not take digoxin and ciclosporin while taking AZEE-DT as this could lead to severe toxicity and even prove fatal. In case, you are taking any herbal formulation, do not take it with this medicine as it could lead to interference leading to lowering down efficacy of this drug. Never begin with any new medicine while taking AZEE-DT unless instructed by the doctor.

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Azee DT - 100 mg (Zithromax)

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