Aten - 50 mg (Tenormin)
US Brand Name Tenormin
Strength 50mg
Generic Name Atenolol
Manufacturer Intas Pharma
Pharmaceutical Form Tablet/s

What is Aten - 50mg


Most often called as Atenolol, which is a beta blocker drug that affects the heart and blood circulation through arteries and veins. This drug is prescribed for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), angina attacks, heart rhythm disorders and other cardiac and circulatory complications. It is also used for heart attack to increase the chances of survival in the patients. Atenolol may also be used for other purposes which are not listed here. This drug is sold under various trade names including Tenormin, Aten (manufactured by Intas Pharma) and O Beta (manufactured by Intas Pharma).



Important information about Atenolol


You should avoid Atenolol (Tenormin, O Beta), if you have known allergy to it, or if you have any of these conditions: asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, severe liver disease, or a serious heart conditions such as a heart block, sick sinus syndrome, or AV block (unless you have a pacemaker). If you scheduled any operations or surgery, inform your surgeon well in advance that you are using Atenolol. You may be advised to stop this medicine for a short time period. Also do not stop taking this medicine suddenly, make sure to take the advice from your doctor first.


This drug belongs to FDA pregnancy category D drug. Avoid this medicine if you are a pregnant woman. In case you become pregnant during the drug ingestion, contact your doctor immediately. It can cause harmful effects and might even results in death of an unborn baby, if a pregnant woman take it in second or third trimester of pregnancy. Do not take this medicine without the permission of your doctor if you are breast feeding.



Before taking Atenolol


You should take care of all the precautions mentioned above before taking this medicine. Discuss all the conditions with your doctor and clear all the doubts about this medicine.


In order to make sure whether this medicine is safe for you, it is extremely important to make your doctor aware if you have following conditions: diabetes (taking Atenolol can make it difficult for you to judge when you have low blood sugar), angina pain, low blood pressure, kidney or liver disease, depression, a thyroid disorder, myasthenia gravis, pheochromocytoma (tumor of the adrenal gland), circulation problems (such as Raynaud’s syndrome), or a history of allergies.



Dosage information


Take the dosage strictly as per your doctor’s recommendation. Do not alter the dosage unless your doctor advices you to do so. Also, do not consider this medicine in use after the prescription period is over. All medications comes with a patient leaflet, you should refer the medicine label to get more information about the drug. Atenolol works best when taken with food. Always store this medicine in a cool and dry place.


Atenolol is a part of full line treatment medicine for blood pressure which involves diet restrictions, exercises, and other medicines. Follow a proper regimen to control your blood pressure level.  



What if you miss a dose


If you miss a dose of Atenolol, take the dose as soon as you remember. Be aware to skip the dose if the next dose time is almost up. Taking multiple dose can lead to excess medicine in your body which might cause critical conditions. 



What if you overdose


In case of overdose, get emergency medical help or call your doctor immediately. Overdose of this medicine may cause severe tiredness, difficulty in breathing, bluish colored fingernails, dizziness, weakness, seizure, or fainting.



Things to avoid


Atenolol drug may impact on your thinking capability and reflexes. You should take care while driving a vehicle or avoid the activities which require high mental awareness. Avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol while being treated with Atenolol. Also, avoid getting up quickly from a sitting or lying position because it makes you dizzy. Ask your doctor or physician about any restrictions while taking this medication.



Side Effects


Some of the common side effects caused by this medicine are dizziness, drowsiness, light headedness, diarrhea, or fatigue. If these effects persist or deteriorate, seek medical attention or contact your doctor immediately. Even, if you get any serious side effects including allergic reactions like rash, itching, swelling of face, tongue, or throat, or breathing trouble, unusual fatigue, sudden or unexplained weight gain, severe dizziness, severe stomach or abdominal pain, dark urine, yellowing of eyes and skin, persistent nausea or vomiting, call your doctor right away and get the medical attention immediately. It may reduce the blood supply to hands and feet and allows them to go cold. This effect may devastate from smoking. 



Interaction with other drugs


Many other drugs can interact with Atenolol. Inform your doctor in advance if you are having any of the following  medicines and relevant products: allergy drugs, cimetidine, clonidine, digitalis, dobutamine, haloperidol, isoproterenol, blood thinner such as warfarin, doxazosin, prazosin, terazosin, amiadarone, propafenone, quinidine, fluconazole, insulin or oral diabetes medicines, antidepressants, other heart or blood pressure medicine, HIV medicines, MAO inhibitors, anti emetics, or narcotic pain killers.  Never start taking a new medicine without your doctor’s advice.


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Aten - 50 mg (Tenormin)

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